Smash Bros.

Mike Haze

Player Bio

Mike is a veteran in the Smash community. He began his career as a casual tournament attendee 2006, never really taking the game too seriously or thinking he had what it takes to be a professional. He continued to play Melee casually for a few years with no real big wins or notoriety. When the new iteration of Smash (SSBB) came out in 2010 Mike brought out his controller with the intention of improving. It wasn't an easy journey, but after thousands of hours and hundreds of tournaments Mike would finally make a name for himself with a 3rd place finish at EVO 2009. He continued to compete and improve, striving for perfection in his game play. The SSBB community began dwindling and in late 2013 Mike returned to Melee. With a more serious attitude towards the game Mike was able to take names and became recognized as an up and comer very quickly. He premiered at #40 on his first Melee global rank (MIOM 2015) (http://www.meleeitonme.com/ssbmrank2015p7/ ) With a strong work ethic Mike continues to improve and his career is only looking stronger as we head into 2017.

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