Obey SMITE Match Recap - Week #1 VS. The Papis

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On Saturday, September 9th, Obey Smite took on The Papis in the opening match of the SPL Fall Split. Going into the match, Obey were undoubtedly favored, having 85 percent of Smite players vote for them to 2-0 in the Season Ticket.

The first game began with a relatively meta draft except for PrettyPriMe, who selected Raijin, a god commonly thought to be one of the worst mages in the current meta. An early first blood on PrettyPriMe sent the mid lane packing for a short while, but Ataraxia on Medusa and EmilZy on Fafnir were both able to take out Warchi on Hou Yi as an immediate response. EmilZy also took an early spill, but Obey lost basically nothing because his death didn’t time up with any camp spawns. CaptainTwig on Camazotz and Xaliea on Cu Chulainn were both able to pick up some early kills on the enemy solo, iCreeDx on Erlang Shen, and jungle, Dheylo on Ravana.

Heading into the mid game, Dheylo made sure to focus Ataraxia, seeing as the hunter had gotten an important early kill. Also, MrNazer on Janus had several incredible Through Space and Times that netted him a kill and saved his teammates on more than one occasion. Xaliea made excellent rotations and displayed his mastery of Cu Chulainn’s rage mechanic by assisting in team fights and having his passive berserk form up in almost every engagement. Obey made multiple attempts at the Gold Fury, but iCreeDx and Dheylo were on top of contention, forcing Obey to have to drop the objective. At about 18 minutes, Obey had amassed a 3,000 gold lead, which is a decent amount considering how little happened in terms of objective play.

Finally, Obey were able to commit to a fight around the Gold Fury, successfully sneaking it away from The Papis. Afterward, The Papis spend MrNazer’s Through Space and Time to evacuate Dheylo, heading back to their mid tier 1 tower to defend from Obey’s oncoming siege. EmilZy was the first to engage, using his blink and hammer, then allowing Xaliea to zone The Papis’ backline with his Mortal Spear of Pain. An incredible Petrify from Ataraxia sent MrNazer and Dheylo into the ground, also forcing out the rest of The Papis from the tier 1. Obey successfully toppled the tier 1 and headed straight for the Fire Giant. There was absolutely no contention from The Papis and Obey were able to take both the Fire Giant and the Portal Demon. From there, Obey took no time at all to crush every other tower, then barreling down the right lane and eventually taking down the enemy titan at 24:56.

The next game’s picks were slightly less meta, especially since PrettyPriMe elected to play Raijin once more and EmilZy pulled out his famed Hel support. Hel is one of the most picked and banned gods in the current meta because of her incredible utility and healing, not to mention her good poke. However, her lack of true mobility outside of a movement speed steroid makes Odin a massive danger to her. Obey chose not to ban it, and so The Papis picked up the Allfather for Dheylo. In response to the early aggression from Obey the game before, MrNazer opted to play Kukulkan, a relatively safe farmer with an ultimate that is known for its objective secure potential. However, even with a good deal of early game from The Papis composition, Obey were able to keep a slight lead throughout the early game.

At about 11 minutes, PrettyPriMe caught MrNazer en route to the solo lane and was able to take him out for the first blood. Before this point, the game had been played incredibly safely by both teams. After this point, Obey were able to spiral their lead into objectives, taking down the Gold Fury at about 13 minutes. Every single player on Obey was ahead of their direct opponent, most notably the three levels EmilZy had to Dracomarino’s Sobek. At the rate Obey started taking objectives directly after the first blood, The Papis figured there was no hope and agreed to surrender at 17:57. The second game was a complete shutout, Obey earning eight kills to the Papis’ none.

Altogether, Obey had a phenomenal set, showing off their seemingly off-meta picks and their ability to cleanly dominate their opposition. With this important victory behind them, Obey have a tough opponent ahead in Team Rival, the semifinalists at Dreamhack. As always, thank you for your constant support and be sure to keep a lookout for Thursday’s Match Preview for our set next Saturday versus Team Rival!

Written by Lermy: