Obey SMITE Match Preview - Week #5 vs Team Dignitas

On Saturday, Obey Smite will be up against Team Dignitas in their second match of the fifth and final week of the SPL Fall Split. Obey have maintained their first place throughout the split, even though they unfortunately dropped a game to Team Elevate on Thursday. Dignitas are not far behind, having split versus Valance Squadron and NRG eSports. Though Dignitas are behind in the standings, they certainly have proven their ability as a team in the past as champions of Dreamhack Valencia and the Summer Split. This matchup is definitely going to be the most challenging Obey has faced this split and will test the limits of their skill and synergy.

Dignitas have been able to smoke nearly all of their opponents, but are prone to getting stomped just like every other team in the league. On the occasions they have been defeated, the game has been practically lost at around 15-20 minutes. Versus NRG, Harry “Variety” Cumming was the origin of the snowball, dying early in lane to João "ManiaKK" Ferreira’s Cabrakan, which was considered extremely off-meta at the time. The picks, including this solo lane Cabrakan, from NRG likely caught Dignitas by surprise, and if any team is going to bring different or off-meta picks to the playing field, it’s going to be Obey. Against Valance, Dignitas continually got picked and thus lost much of their jungle. Though this is a big reason why most teams fall behind in the first place, Dignitas made it relatively easy for Valance to take advantage of them, having selected Sylvanus for Jeppe “Trixtank” Gylling. While the Keeper of the Wild isn’t a bad character by any means, Valance had already drafted a pick composition and thus any slight lack of proper positioning on the guardian’s behalf almost always led to his demise.

In order for Obey to find the victories they need to hold their first seed, they’re going to have to scrutinize every pick of both teams’ drafts to try to eliminate their own weaknesses and expose Dignitas’. Every member of Dignitas has a wide god pool, so trying to focus ban any of them won’t work. However, if the going gets tough, it’s undoubtable that Joakim “Zyrhoes” Verngren will resort to pulling out his world-famous Morrigan, even though the character’s early game is a bit unstable. The name of the game here is pressure, and if Obey are able to keep up, they’ll likely be able to pull ahead come late game. Dignitas are no newcomers to the scene, but their synergy is no match for the years of play Nate “Ataraxia” Mark, Emil “PrettyPriMe” Edstrom, and Ben “CaptainTwig” Knight have together. Even with the additions of Emil “EmilZy” Nielsen and most recently Jeroen “Xaliea” Klaver, the team plays totally in sync and it definitely shows in their late game team fights. The question is whether or not the game will last long enough to get there.

Can Obey triumph over the Dreamhack Valencia champions in their final and most important match of the split? Make sure to tune in to www.twitch.tv/hireztv on Saturday, October 7th at 5:30 PM EDT to find out and support Obey Smite!

Written by Lermy