Obey SMITE Match Preview - Week #4 vs Valance Squadron

On Saturday, Obey Smite will be up against Valance Squadron in their second match of the fourth week of the SPL Fall Split. Obey are currently in first place after their astounding performance against NRG eSports. However, their opponents this match are the so-called “split masters,” having taken games from Dignitas, Rival, and NRG. Even with these surprising victories over strong teams, the only team Valance has managed to 2-0 is Burrito. That being said, it’s likely going to be a challenge for Obey to work around the off-meta picks Valance are famous for, but it’s certainly not impossible for them to capture another 2-0 to stay undefeated.

Valance’s victory against Dignitas on Thursday, September 28th is a useful insight into how and where Valance will strike, should their opponents let them. Dignitas drafted somewhat sloppily, assuming they could keep the game as even as the first of that set. However, by drafting gods like Sylvanus and Tyr, they opened themselves up for early rotations, especially by starting with the support alone in the duo lane rather than the typical “1-2-2” formation with the hunter in duo. Even though Europe has been shaking up their starts this week, having the Sylvanus alone against an Anhur and a Fafnir spelled out an early death for the Keeper of the Wild. Though the immobile guardian was an easy target, Valance made sure to balance their picks on the enemy team to put Dignitas at a relatively even deficit among players. Eventually, Valance were given objective after objective and spiraled the game out of Dignitas’ hands, ending it at 29:10 with 21 kills on the board for Valance and a mere two for Dignitas.

Even though Valance was able to stomp one of the top teams in Europe, they weren’t able to hide their weaknesses completely. For instance, Obey will likely look to capitalize on Kieran “Funballer” Patidar’s over-aggressive tendencies and the occasional early over-extension by either James “Duck3y” Heseltine or Jordan “BigManTingz” Theaker. Morale is also a huge component of Valance’s successes, evidenced in the fact that they’re able to remain calm after taking significant losses. It’s going to be incredibly important for Obey to never count Valance completely out.

Will Obey remain undefeated and defend their first place? Make sure to tune in to www.twitch.tv/hireztv on Saturday, September 30th at 2:30 PM EDT to find out and support Obey Smite!

Written by Lermy: