Obey SMITE Match Preview - Week #2 vs Team Rival

Posted by Obey Alliance on

On Saturday, Obey SMITE will be up against Team Rival in the second week of the SPL Fall Split after their excellent 2-0 versus The Papis in week one. While Obey were up against a relatively low-seeded team in week one, Team Rival fought against Team Dignitas, the champions of the Summer Split and the winners of Dreamhack Valencia, and lost 0-2. The scoreline might not show it, but Rival played at an incredibly high level to keep pace with Dignitas through the set, especially in the second game. Rival are known for their excellent performances on LAN, but these “LANimals” have struggled from time to time in the online stages, having only barely qualified for Dreamhack with their performance from the Summer Split.

From Rival’s performance in their first set, they made it clear that Obey are going to have to look out for Rival’s mid laner, Alexandru “Wlfy” Lefterică, who had excellent games on Nox and Janus. While both those gods are not considered top picks, Wlfy showed just how effective a good Janus could be by moving his team through walls and getting off a great chunk of damage to start fights with his Through Space and Time, much like The Papis’ midlaner, Sergio “MrNazer” Armenteros, did in their first game versus Obey. However, Emil “PrettyPriMe” Edstrom is a proponent of off-meta picks as well, having selected Raijin for both of Obey’s prior games. It is also very evident that Rival as a whole struggle against The Morrigan, who was masterfully played by Dignitas’ midlaner, Joakim “Zyrhoes” Verngren, in the first game of their matchup. While Zyrhoes may be the king of The Morrigan, PrettyPriMe also has a fairly strong Morrigan, which has a possibility of being selected at least once by Obey if it’s let through by Rival.

This week’s matches will be the first played on patch 4.17, which was released Wednesday. Nerfs came through for gods like Ravana, Sun Wukong, Odin, and Hel while buffs were given to Bastet, Raijin, and Zeus. What these changes will likely mean for Saturday’s game is that, unfortunately, Emil “EmilZy” Nielsen’s Hel support probably won’t be seen again. However, luckily for PrettyPriMe, Raijin might be a more appealing pick than ever. Strong gods like Artio, Camazotz, and Cu Chulainn were not touched, so it’s possible that at least one of these gods might fall into the hands of Jeroen “Xaliea” Klaver.

This set is going to be a great one, so make sure to tune in to www.twitch.tv/hireztv on Saturday, September 16th at 5:30 PM EDT to support Obey Smite!