Obey SMITE Match Preview - Week #1 vs. The Papis

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On Sunday, Obey Smite will be up against The Papis in the first matchup of the SPL Fall Split, the team’s first official set since their performance at Dreamhack Valencia. In addition, this set will be Jeroen “Xaliea” Klaver’s debut as the team’s solo laner. Though Xaliea may be new to Obey’s roster, he is certainly not new to the SPL or the competitive scene as a whole, having participated as early as 2012. The rest of Obey remains the same: Nate “Ataraxia” Mark and Emil “EmilZy” Nielsen dominate the duo lane, Emil “PrettyPriMe” Edstrom commands the middle, and Ben “CaptainTwig” Knight runs the jungle. This new and improved roster has been practicing with the help of their coach, Paul “Hayzer” Hay, for almost two months in preparation for the upcoming split.

Taking a look at the matchup itself, Obey has the clear advantage over their opponents, having placed second in the Summer Split and third/fourth at Dreamhack, whereas The Papis placed seventh in the Summer Split and thus did not qualify for Dreamhack. However, The Papis proved they belong in the SPL by clawing their way out of Relegations with their newest addition, Sergio “MrNazer” Armenteros, in the mid lane. Even with such an achievement under their belts, The Papis are still relative newcomers to the SPL, only having originally earned their place through this season’s Summer Relegations. Knowing this, it is incredibly likely that the long-time competitive experience and recent hard work from the boys of Obey will earn them an important 2-0 and get a great start toward earning first place this split.

Make sure to tune in to www.twitch.tv/hireztv on Saturday, September 9th at 1:00 PM EDT to support Obey Smite!


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