Interview with CaptainTwig - Preaching the Jungle Sermon

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After his impressive performance in the Fall Split, Ben “CaptainTwig” Knight has guided Obey straight to the top, giving clinics on his tanky junglers, including our lord and savior, King Kappa. I was able to chat with the jungler blessed by god for a bit about his origins in the jungle and his feelings about the current state of his role.

What got you interested in playing jungle?

“I started out in Smite competitive playing the midlane role, and I found that a lot of fun but I got very frustrated during competitive games/practice that I had very little impact on whether our team would win or lose. This led me to switch to the jungle role which I had a lot more fun being able to influence the entire map while also playing more setup characters.”

When did you first receive your talent from god? Or in layman’s terms, when you first got into competitive, did you have any role models?

“I've thought about this long and hard, but I think I'm just born with it. Some people spend years of practice and training on becoming great, but I'm just naturally the best without having to work for it. I'd say I'm my own role model.”

You're pretty well known for playing tanky gods in the jungle and succeeding. Is there a particular reason why you feel that this tank-centered play style works best for you?

“I think this play style works best for the team. I consider myself a ‘playmaker,’ someone who isn't afraid to make risky plays in order to give my team a distraction or an advantage in game. I don't have the patience to play safe, so building a little more defense allows me to do this with slightly less risk.”

Also, Kuzenbo?

“The Elo-Turtle is more of a pocket pick… everything about Kuzenbo is super troll: the way he walks, the way he auto attacks, his voice lines... he's too much fun.”

God has certainly blessed you this split. Speaking of which, how do you think it went?

“I felt like the split went super well, considering how badly I feel like we perform in practice. I felt like we were a mid-tier team at best. Then a match comes around and we destroy our opponents. We'd scrim that team the coming week and go 0-4. I really can't wrap my head around it.”


You all have quite a lot of combined LAN experience under your belts, but how correlated do you feel that experience is to performing well?

“I think experience helps, but it's not a game changer. Planning and preparation are what really bring the wins in for a team.”

On the topic of planning and preparation, how much of an asset is Hayzer to the squad? Where does he fit in?

“Hayzer is that extra member of the team that can give unbiased and honest opinions on all parts of the game. He isn't watching the games from any one person’s perspective, so he can give insight where us players might disagree. Often Hayzer is looking for ways for us to be ahead of the meta, always a step ahead of our opponents.”

Awesome! So let’s talk more about jungle as a role. What kinds of players make the best junglers?

“I feel like the best junglers are players who are always thinking of the team first. Having a good game yourself is often irrelevant compared to having a really big hunter or solo laner. So if you go in with a good idea of how a buff invade on one part of the map or jungle pressure on the other side of the map might help, you'll make a perfect jungler, as long as you stay relevant in farm.”

If you had to boil jungle down to three words, what would they be?

“Speedy race car.”

What's the most common mistakes you catch other speedy race cars making in ranked and/or competitive?

“The main one would probably be not knowing how to farm correctly. Too many junglers aren't sharing enough, or sharing inefficiently with their support and mid as a three man. You normally want to look to share with only one other member of your team, and not miss leeching from waves. With good farm you'll have much scarier ganks and a much stronger team fight.”

What are, in your most humble opinion, the best ways for junglers to learn?

“Watch my stream, spectate me in-game, and watch what I do in matches. Tell your friends about my stream, donate, and subscribe to my stream.”

Are there any shoutouts you’d like to make?

Shoutout to Nate, the real mastermind behind Obey’s crisp pick and ban. That is all.”

Want to see more of the man with god-given talent? Check him out on Twitter, Twitch, and especially Twitch. Did I forget to mention to check out his Twitch? He streams daily and likes to play both ranked conquest and duel!

Written by Lermy